How to build your own streaming studio for under $100.

If you’re a gamer, chances are you’ve entertained the thought of becoming a Twitch streamer. 100 million viewers tune in to different streams each month, and it’s natural to want a piece of the pie.

It’s easy to look at certain streams and scoff, “Pshhh, no big deal. I could do a way better job.” That feeling gets even more intense when you read interviews and op-eds talking about how people are managing to pay for their college tuition just by streaming let’s plays on Twitch.

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8 Things Pro Gamers Won’t Tell You About Improving Quickly

A lot of the players you see at the top of their game right now, got there by investing thousands of hours into gaming over 10-15 years of their life.

Some of them probably couldn’t tell you how they got there.

Others might truly think that they got there just by investing more time into practicing their skills or that they are just naturally good at certain games.

While those could all be true…

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How Jason Somerville Grows His Audience Without Relying On “Twitch Luck”

You know that having your stream sit at the top of a game category is prime real estate for gaining viewers. And once you reach a certain amount of viewers, your viewership will begin to snowball.

But it can be a struggle to break past certain viewer counts.

So how do you build that initial viewership to break into those top spots?

You’ve probably heard the typical advice…

  1. Create great content: Be good.

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