About Gameonaire

Gameonaire is a resource created to share proven strategies for building an audience and creating an income stream with your passion for gaming.

Who is behind Gameonaire?

And how does he know about this stuff?

Hi! I’m Derek. A lifelong gamer. And I dreamed of making gaming my life (much to my parents dismay during my childhood). And the only boss I wanted to deal with were the ones at the end of a level. 

Since 2006 I have started, grown, and continue to run a few businesses in the gaming industry, which allowed me build a lifestyle around video games.

Getting here wasn’t easy. When I started there weren’t many people out there doing what I was doing, so I had to teach myself. And along the way I made hundreds of mistakes that cost me a ton of time and money. 

Since then, it’s become much easier to find this information on growth, marketing, and online business. But it’s gotten even harder to find good actionable advice that has been tested and proven to work.

The test lab for "gamepreneurs"

Why I decided to build gameonaire and share my findings.

I want you to use my successes and my failures to help you reach your own goals. That means I’ll be as transparent as possible with my live test results, growth studies, and actionable content that will help you grow.

There’s a lot of people out there sharing theory like it’s fact. Spreading particularly bad information that will waste your time or money.

Everything you find here comes proven by live tests or actual implemented experience. So you know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Gaming is exploding

And it's never been easier to make money from gaming.

With Twitch, YouTube, and social media it’s never been easier to reach out and build an audience of like minded gamers or fans who are interested in what you have to say.

The gaming industry is getting closer and closer to “mainstream” with hundreds of million viewers around the world and growing.

This gives content creators and gamepreneurs an opportunity that was never possible years ago. Previously it was only reserved for companies with deep pockets.

Over the last few years we’ve seen multiple gamers turn into millionaires, reach millions of people, and have a positive impact in their communities. There’s no signs of the industry slowing down any time soon.

Don't Worry

You're not too late.

Even if you haven’t started, or if you’re getting started now, don’t worry! You’re not alone and you’re not too late. 

Spend some time checking out the resources on this site that will help you build a strategy to get your content, products, games, or services in front of more gamers.

Together we can make the gaming community even better.

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